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Visual merchandising: what counts is not only the product

August 09, 2017

Tags: Customer experience, Retail, Shopping, Visual Merchandising

by Hannah Maussang

Visual merchandising is a selling strategy focused on the product aesthetics, developed in order to optimize sales. A visual merchandiser plays a vital role in the brand’s look and culture: indeed, if the visual merchandising fits well, it may definitely lead into brand awareness and fidelity. The main goal is to attract the customer into the store and encourage him to buy, thanks to the display’s attractive aesthetics.
This engagement process already starts with the customer’s first impression outside the store, thanks to the shop’s windows.


The flawless mix for a wow-effect

There are many points that play a role in the visual merchandising’s success, such as the store’s layout, concerning:

  • Lighting
  • Signage and furniture
  • Products display and packaging
  • Salespeople’s uniform
  • Check out desk
  • Colours, shapes and structures
  • And the “wow” effect of all these features combined

When these elements are well put together, the customer can enjoy at its best the buying experience, that will be remembered with positive vibes.

Narrating a story through images

One of the many actions that brands can do to create an innovative visual merchandising is to show themed videos or set up photo exhibitions in the store. Storytelling is a powerful tool to inspire the customer through its buying experience. Videos and images can help innovating the brand, through new colours, layouts, fonts and designs. By hearing or seeing a story, the customer feels more connected to the brand, and he’s more likely to understand and discover the products.

Visual Merchandising lo store non è solo prodotto2-1.jpg


Another big part of the visual merchandising is the way customers interact with the product, that must be displayed in a smart way, easy to be seen and to be accessed. The brand appearance plays a significant role in the customer experience and it’s so powerful that can affect the buying probabilities.

Hannah Maussang

Written by Hannah Maussang

Social Media & Content Marketing

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