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Our Vision

unconventional thinking

The world is changing around us and we must look ahead, anticipate the trends, understand the people’s needs and react quickly. This is what we do at Creattiva. We help our clients today get ready for tomorrow. Learning by doing is what drives us and innovation, passion, diversity, transparency and collaboration are the values engrained in our work.

Our Mission

Producer of unique content

We connect businesses and customers in a different way, based on a H-to-H vision (Human to Human), rather than a B-to-B or B-to-C. We provide the methods, the tools and the results to approach the Customer Experience Management. We are a multi-disciplinary team, from retail and digital experts to trendwatchers and consultants working as a productions house, transforming every project into unique pieces and creating inspirational and innovative content and events for brands. What we produce is in a constant evolution and renewal, and covers the entire marketing sphere, including experiential, educational, cultural and social activities.

Our People

Thinkers, creators

and doers

Marketing success is more than just tools, techniques and strategies. It’s about the smart application of all of those things, tailored to your business context that makes the difference. And that is down to our people. What defines us is the diversity. Each one of us contribute to the whole, and that inspires our creative process and our work. We are a team of six people, coming from different countries, academic and professional backgrounds, but sharing the same passion and vision. A team of trendwatchers is working and walking by our sides all along the way.

Andrea Bertagnolio


Roberta Castelli


Gianluca Falduto

Business Development

Elena Favini

Event planning & Content Marketing

Bianca Guez

Trend Research & Content Marketing

Hannah Maussang

Social Media & Content Marketing