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Concept Store Inspiration
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Retail Tour in Milan with MiRT

Invidia CEO and Retail Team

During the tour they explored the key points to take into consideration for the new concept store development.

MiRT study analysed crucial points of the man and woman fashion trends, specifically on the same page with the new way used by Invidia to define customers’ identity, tastes, willingness and desire to be part of something. This was made to create a path to select emblematic places that have an exceptional offer, chosen with relevance and mainstream-discontinuity criteria.

Luca Valoti, CEO Invidiauomo S.p.A.:

An intense day of work, where we explored all the key factors for our new concept store. From visual and layout, to storytelling and brand experience, with hospitality and memorability. To make this experience useful, together with my Retail team, also architects and communications specialist that are working on the project attended the Tour. I’m fully pleased by the inspiration that the Tour and the MiRT staff gave us, as I already pictured out some new ways to implement the project.