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Retail marketing

Trendwatching & retail tour

Our team is dedicated to support brands stay up to date with the latest trends and help them create unique consumer experience. Our goal is to work hand in hand with the client to understand its audience behaviours and meet its expectations. Our core activities in Retail Marketing are: Trendwatching, Research on field, Tours, Training, CRM and Consultancy.

The observatory of trends

We work with a team of trendwatchers to listen, observe and understand the market latest changes and innovations in many different fields, based on the consumer experience. We offer high-level insights and thematic trends across both Italian and world markets in different fields such as digitalization, visual display, sustainability and education. Our retail database includes a wide selection of locations (stores, restaurants, bars, galeries, museums, coworking spaces, showrooms)

Retail tour – A journey to discover the rules of change

Creattiva purpose emerged out of a clear need for inspiration and the demand from a client for a new product development. We created the first Milano Retail Tour, an exclusive unconventional training format for companies who want to understand and recognize the transformation in the world of retail and customer behaviour in order to redesign their Customer Experience Management. MiRT training approach is based on a dual outdoor and indoor setting, in which a first-hand observation exercise, in the field, is followed by a workshop session. Milano Retail Tour uses a Research Based Learning derived from the well known Learning by Doing system.