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Innovating the company could be a pretty hard challenge and may look destabilizing. Innovation is a process that could actually bring your brand discovering new sides of its identity.

So, how to get your company ready to face the generational handover?

1. To begin with, the starting point is having a clear picture of the company’s structure, actualizing a skills analysis and identify the weak points that may affect the change.

2. The second step is to undertake a learning process among the staff, that could bring them to have an updated sight on the commercial scenarios in which the company works.

This perspective may help you in finding new selling channels, better understand the relations with the clients and make the in-shop experience way more entertaining.

This generational handover brings the innovation in the company, and it focuses mainly on a mind-set that can be learnt. That’s why it’s important to bring the innovation culture into the company, in order to use all its tools that are useful to cope with and manage it.

3. Step three: the innovation technology, that leads us into an integration of the digital systems in the communication processes.

In some cases, the integration of digital systems involves also the production, realizing custom-made products or services, according to the public’s requests.

Digital is also a crucial and versatile tool, that can be also taken into consideration as an environment where to create innovative selling strategies.

Company innovation doesn’t mean erasing the past and starting all over again, but means giving new inputs to the company’s main focuses and its identity, shortening the selling process and making the buying experience a fluid way to engage both the company and the customer.

4. In the end, we don’t have to forget the theme of the know-how, values and traditions transfer, that are a priceless and unique heritage. This doesn’t have to be considered as part of the company’s past, but it must be constantly narrated and modernised, so it can represent your company in the world of equivalent offers. Company’s heritage could have an influence on the customer’s emotional choices: to serve this reason, you must be able to narrate it with the right tools and in the right ways, in the moments and in the places where your company meets the customer.